In the Beginning…

There was the Computer Mama. Elizabeth is “too young” for bifocals, has racing stripes in her hair, and loves all things computers. If she’s not too old to learn computers, than neither are you.

But what happens when a Computer Mama has a daughter? Well, that’s were Computer Kids come from. Clair is happiest at any one of her computers with a glass of Diet Pepsi at her side. She actually likes troubleshooting computer problems.

We’re both longtime residents of Livingston County, Michigan. Where is that? Well, hold out your right hand…

… right about here. More or less. (This is one of the best parts about living in Michigan. 😉

Welcome to the Computer Mama Blog, part of the Comma Project. Here, we’ll talk about the things we love best– computers and Livingston County. But no techno-babble. We want you to enjoy as much as we do. Okay, okay. Maybe half as much as we do.

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