Top 10 Tools in Microsoft Word

TypewriterWhere Does Word Fit In? 

Each of the applications in Microsoft Office has a purpose. Microsoft Excel does Formulas. PowerPoint presents slides, and Outlook manage emails.

Where does Microsoft Word fit in? Most people use Word as a digital typewriter. A freemium such as Google Docs or Word Online is all a basic User may need: Big, bold, blue. (Kids React: Typewriters)

Others use Word as a power tool at work. Lawyers and scientists use all of the Advanced features, especially the References and Review Ribbons. These two Ribbons are not part of the freemium products.

Here is a video that compares Microsoft Office
Online and Click to Download (Desktop) software.

Office 365: Getting Started

As I researched the answer to this question I noticed that the Tools could be grouped by their common function: Media Styles (pictures, shapes, video formatting), Text Styles, Review, and References.

So Here are the Top Ten Tools in Microsoft Word

  • Picture Tools
  • Shape and SmartArt Tools
  • Use these tools to create a business letter
  • Templates and Quick Parts: Create a Resume
  • BONUS: Video Tools!
  • Review Tools: Prepare for publication
  • More Professional Tools: Styles and Reference
  • BONUS: Table Tools

And the NUMBER ONE OPTION in Microsoft Word…
Create an Interactive FORM with the Developer Tools!


I think you will enjoy these Power Tools in Microsoft Word.
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