Course Catalogue

The following titles are available:

Access 2013 Beginning 

  • Understand the purpose of Tables and how they are used
  • Edit the Form Properties to help Users navigate  and enter data
  • Use Query Criteria and Parameter Queries to select specific records
  • Learn how to design and modify Reports

Access 2013 Intermediate 

  • Use Forms and Subform that represent a one-to-many relationship
  • Use Forms and Subforms to create a Search Form
  • Create a Switchboardthat opens Forms and Reports
  • Use a Query to calculate the Total in a Report

Access 2013 Advanced 

  • Learn how to create relationships between Tables using Key data
  • Understand Primary Keys and Relationships
  • Create a Report and Subreport to calculate the totals
  • Learn strategies for Archiving data using Action Queries

Excel 2013 Beginning 

  • How to enter data and format cells and apply number formats
  • Practice how to create formulas and audit the cell references
  • Learn how to represent data as Charts
  • Use pictures and graphics

Excel 2013 Intermediate 

  • Use Relative and Absolute values and audit the formulas
  • Use and modify TEXT, DATE and FINANCIAL formulas
  • Create, use and  use Named Ranges in formulas
  • Create and use Lookup Tables and use the IF functions

Excel 2013 Advanced 

  • Analyze data visually with a PivotChart.
  • Create a PivotChart and Show the Field List.
  • Filter the data in the PivotChart.
  • Edit the Chart Layouts.

PowerPoint 2013 Beginning 

  • Learn PowerPoint basics: Entering text in presentations
  • Know how to work with Text Boxes, Format Shapes and apply Themes
  • Insert, format and adjust Pictures with the Picture Tools
  • Insert and format Shapes and SmartArt

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced 

  • Use Tables and Spreadsheets to display data in a presentation.
  • Edit Charts with the Chart Tools and Quick Clicks.
  • Learn how to design Slide Masters and apply slide Transitions.
  • Apply Animations to images in a slide show and edit the timing.

Outlook 2013 Complete 

  • Design professional E-mail using Themes and images
  • Track and respond to messages
  • Manage the Inbox with Rules and Quick Steps
  • Create appointments, meetings and tasks

 Word 2013 Beginning

  • Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Get skilled at working with Text and Pictures
  • Gain experience editing images and shapes with the Picture Tools
  • Learn how to create and format SmartArt and QuickParts

 Word 2013 Intermediate

  • Create a professional newsletter that includes graphics and charts
  • Use Templates to create documents and resumes
  • Create a Mail Merge that sends personalized invitations
  • Create a Web Page that uses a Table for consistent layout

 Word 2013 Advanced

  • Learn effective methods for creating and formatting Tables
  • Understanding Font Styles and how to edit the Styles
  • Format Headers and Footers, and References
  • Use the Developers Tools in Word to create interactive forms