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Live Lectures in Microsoft Word

A Word Processor

In 1983, Microsoft Word was considered a word processor. The text on the page was typed in just like a typewriter. The focus was on typesetting and formatting fonts. Many of the line and paragraph formatting options in Word make sense if you know that they come from how typewriters counted lines per page.

A Digital Flier

Fast forward to today. This lesson shows how to create a digital flier. The design begins with a Table which will hold the assets- Headline, logo, picture and video.

A Digital Flier: The Circus is Coming

This Live Lecture was recorded at Charter College, Aug. 23, 2023.

Skills Taught

Intermediate Word Objectives
Use a Table to control the Layout: Modify a Table, and Merge Cells, Apply a Theme and modify the Styles
Add headlines, pictures and SmartArt, Add Online Video to a document and edit the Hyperlink options.


Microsoft Word: Online, All the Time

This digital flier uses a Table to control the layout and arrange the pictures.