When You Go to Church with Connie

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Seek! Ask! Knock!
How can we find the truth when the lies trend to the top? Seek! Ask! Knock!

Seek, and you will find an answer.
Ask, and it will be given to you.
Knock, the door will be opened to you!
However, it starts with you- you need to seek, first!
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Same Pay All Day

Same Pay All Day
It’s not about equal pay or equality of outcome. Given a range of gifts, talents, and opportunities, it cannot be equal or the same for everyone.

So, what would be fair?
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No Man is an Island
John Donne wrote “Meditation 17” when he was seriously ill in the winter of 1623.
We have lost so much from COVID 19
Many were ill, many died.
How were you affected?
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Be Not Afraid
Be Not Afraid
There is so much fear and distrust today.
Be Not Afraid!
Do not fear,
I have called you by name;
You are mine.
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Left by the Seashore
Could you leave it all?
The first disciples were simple fishermen, called as they were working with their nets. Immediately, they left everything—boats, tools, family—to follow.
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OK to Get Mad
Anger has atomic power
It can light up a city or burn it down.
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Make Me Your Peace
“Make Me a Channel of Your Peace,”

This prayer was written in 1967 by South African songwriter Sebastian Temple (Johann Sebastian von Tempelhoff, 1928–1997), who was a third order Franciscan.
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Thoughts on Discipleship from My Mentor
Nisi Dominus

Psalm 127 is known by the first two words, “Nisi Dominus,” “Except the Lord” in Latin.
I am interested in teachings that have lasted throughout time. The Psalms in the Old Testament were written between the time of Moses (1440 BC) and the Babylonian exile (after 538 BC).
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Only One Like Me!

Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, wrote:
 “God Loves Each of Us,
As if there is only one of us.”
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Here I Am
Whom Shall I Send?
Here I Am!
This is a song we sing often,
It is from Isaiah 6.
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The Real Saints
Suffer the Children!
My mentor, Fr. Paul, taught me that the real saints are the mothers and fathers who get their children to church with both shoes on!
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