Special Projects

The High School Career Challenge

We have participated in the High School Career Challenge, a multidisciplinary program designed to promote independence for students with Asperger’s Syndrome for years. The computer workshop is patterned after a typical undergrad college course. The students learn how to use Moodle, a learning management system available in many colleges in America, for resource downloads, assessments, and instructions.

We conduct a series of brainstorming sessions where students decide on the parameters of our final project: a webpage banner ad. We follow the actual Yahoo ad specifications, and show examples of current ads they could animate right now.

Studies show authentic problems generate more student interest, and that creating publicly displayed works gives a sense of ownership.
Together students pick a product to advertise, the company name, and it’s consumer benefits. Here we are mimicking the process a creative team at an agency might follow.
We don’t insist on participation, but almost every student does each year. This seems to surprise parents more than anything, that they succeed in an interactive social endeavor and create a practical product.
Summer Challenge Animation Projects