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Live Lectures in Microsoft Outlook

Contacts and Calendars

Pro Tip: Branded Marketing

Your branded email message can include pictures of products and Word documents that explain the features and benefits. This email can be used as a Mail Merge with Microsoft Word. You can also program the Rules in Outlook to send this email automatically based on key words or criteria.

Which Version of Outlook?

This lesson begins with a review of the desktop and webpage versions of Outlook. The Ribbons and options are different! Let’s look at the options in Microsoft Outlook.

Hello, Outlook!

This Live Lecture was recorded at Charter College, Dec. 13, 2023.

Skills Taught

Create an E-mail message that includes graphics and SmartArt; Format the E-mail message as a Table and use the Table Tools to modify the layout and design; Attach content to an E-mail message and work with the Attachments Ribbon; Forward and Save attachments.


Microsoft Outlook: From Me to You

Microsoft Outlook: From Me to You