Statistical Functions in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has an extensive set of statistical functions. These functions work well if you select and Name a Range of data. Here are the steps.

Select a Range: By definition, a RANGE is a one or more cells on a spreadsheet. The cells may be adjacent or not.

Define a Range: The Name Box is a special tool in the top left corner by the Formula bar. You can use the Name Box to Define a Range

Syntax Rules for Defined Names: The first character must be a letter. The next characters can be text, numbers, periods and underscores. Names can be up to 255 characters.

Names cannot include Cell References. For example, a Name cannot be $B$1. Names cannot include “C”, “c”, “R”, or “r” because they are used as shorthand for selecting Columns and Rows in the Name Box.

Spaces are not allowed.

Examples of Statistical Formulas Available in Excel


I just taught this lesson yesterday at college. Here is a YouTube video you can watch if you wish.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate: Name that Tune

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