The Computer Mama

OK to work remotely? A creative way to ask to work from home after the Winter Storm

Michigan Chill N Grill!

Fifty degrees is fabulous for MEECHIGAN.
It’s all good!

COVID19 changed my idea of going to work

Who is “essential”? Who should be paid and how much? The question has come up before.

The Big Game

Watching the game is way more fun with someone who gets really, really, loud!

3 Chairs

Just a silly cartoon making fun of my “work from home” office.
Cheers! eBeth

Sorry, I Missed You

So many days I turned my back on my family as I worked, gossiped and played online. Today, I would give everything for a chance to be with them. Elizabeth

We’ve been friends all our lives

Will you cancel me over decisions that I make in good conscious?