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This Live Lecture was recorded at Charter College, July 29, 2023.


Go Blue! Watching the game is fun with someone who gets really, really, loud!

New Releases

Live Lectures in Microsoft Excel:

DATE and TEXT are what Excel does best. This lesson teaches options to find the Day, Month and Year from a Date. We use Dates to run a business.

Live Lectures in Microsoft Word:

We are online! This lesson shows how to create a digital flier. The design begins with a Table which will hold the assets- Headline, logo, picture and video

Live Lectures in Microsoft PowerPoint: TEXTBOXES

By definition, a Text Box is a Shape. A Text Box Shape in Microsoft PowerPoint has specific formatting because it is working with Text.

Live Lectures in Microsoft Outlook:

Your branded email message can include logos, pictures of products, videos and links that explain the features and benefits.

Using Data to Drive Informed Decisions

Certification training designed for data technicians, data analysts, administrative professionals, and project managers who manage men, machines and money.

Hello, Power BI. Microsoft Power BI takes our skills in Microsoft Excel and data analysis to another level. We can use Power BI to gather, query, and transform data into rich Visualizations.

Microsoft Excel: “The Power of the Grid”
Learn how to enter data and create formulas to analyze and present complex data. 

Excel is an important middle technical skill.

That Depends

Miles of Road and Thousands of Bridges
We can use Smartsheet to outline a bridge Project and use Dependencies to link one Task to another.


Where's Darth Blader

Where’s Darth Blader? Michigan’s Department of Transportation announced the purchase of 300 new snowplows and named them puny names. Smartsheet uses Forms to capture data.

Excel and XML for Data Analysts
Learn how to understand XML documents in the context of commonly used companion codes for restricting content with XML Schema, navigating nodes with XPATH and transforming content with styles from XSLT. 

BONUS: Validate XML with Microsoft Excel!