Way Cool Technology


A sunburst chart is a dazzling display. However, the data has to be organized in a particular way before you can create the chart. The data needs to include columns for Year, Month, Weather conditions. These columns will provide the hierarchy.

Where have we seen this pattern before? Yes, it’s the same layout as a PivotTable. This lesson offers a quick demonstration on how to create a linked reference table to create a sunburst chart. Extra for experts: You can attend live webinars or online training with Elizabeth at Washtenaw Community College. www.wccnet.edu

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Make Me Your Peace


The most-prominent hymn version of the prayer is “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, or simply “Prayer of St. Francis”, adapted and set to a chant-like melody in 1967 by South African songwriter Sebastian Temple (Johann Sebastian von Tempelhoff, 1928–1997), who had become a third order Franciscan.

In 1997 it was part of the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, and was performed by the Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor on the Princess Diana tribute album.[12][13] The hymn was also sung for the religious wedding ceremony of Prince Albert II of Monaco to South African Charlene Wittstock in 2011.


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Educational Technology

GoToMeeting Quick Start

GoToMeeting Quick Start – an Introduction to Online Webinars

This video gives a 10 minute demonstration on creating a good webinar. It is an introductory lesson for instructors who need a quick guide or a refresher for how to teach online. Includes links to resources for workforce development and online education at Washtenaw Community College www.wccnet.edu

I hope that you all are still well. Elizabeth

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Certification Training

Same Pay, All Day

It’s not about equal pay or equality of outcome. Given a range of gifts, talents, and opportunities, it cannot be equal or the same for everyone. So, what would be fair?

Perhaps the question should be asked from a different perspective: Not the day’s wages, but the day’s benefits.

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