Preparing for the Exams

How should you prepare for a certification exam?

Some people, myself included, are seriously afraid of failing. Clair said that rum was not a coping skill …She suggested that it would be wiser to practice for the certification exams, and know the answers to all of the questions.

The Microsoft Office Specialist exams evaluate your knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and others. These tests are project based, not True/False or Discussion Board Essay. The exams ask you to complete several steps in a document, spreadsheet or presentation.

The first objective is to evaluate your proficiency in Microsoft Office. The second objective of the certification tests is to evaluate your efficiency. Did you choose the most effect method for completing the task?

Why I Failed Microsoft Excel

When I took the MOS exam for Microsoft Excel 2007 I was unfamiliar with the testing software. I wasted a lot of time and effort learning the User Interface. I timed out in 60 minutes with only 2 out of 60 questions done!

<Yikes!> That’s called learning the hard way.

Practice Tests

Here are some resources for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exams. This information is from CertiPort, a Pearson company. CertiPort is the official site for the exams objectives. It is also the website for scheduling your certification test.

MeasureUp: Practice Tests has practice exams that you can purchase.
Test4U: Practice Tests has an excellent website with a lot of good exam information.

Memo to College Students

Pearson: If you are taking the Pearson Microsoft Office training, say the Go! Series in MyItLabs, then you are well prepared to take the Microsoft Office Certification Exams! The simulators and Grader Projects are excellent practice.

Test Out: I recently taught the Test Out series as well. I was impressed with the course materials and the practice simulations. Students who take this course would be ready for the official certification tests.

Badges: Please post your Badges on LinkedIn! Badges and certifications are part of your digital resume.

For More Information:
CertiPort: Microsoft Office Certification Tests
Microsoft: Excel Certification Topics

Good luck with your certifications!  eBeth

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