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Where's Darth Blader
Smartsheet Manages Data: People, Tasks, Equipment and Budgets

Smartsheet is for data technicians, administrative professionals, project managers, and analysts who need a tool for taking charge of scheduling people and assignments, managing costs and materials, and monitoring checkpoints and deadlines.

Smartsheet- Manage People, Projects and Resources

Smartsheet- And McLaren

“When every millisecond counts, you find the most efficient way to do everything.”

End to End Management

Smartsheet Samplers

Like these Smartsheet samplers? Consider the courses.  These demos are embedded into step-by-step written instructions to aide in high comprehension and retention. No videos droning on, but targeted demos within hands-on steps.  Our Smartsheet examples use road data for an interesting and informative authentic task. All with real-world data in context.

Smartsheet Project Dependencies: That Depends

That Depends

Miles of Road and Thousands of Bridges
The Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping all bridges are designed, built, maintained and operated to ensure safety.

We can use Smartsheet to outline a bridge Project and use Dependencies to link one Task to another.  

Lesson Demo: Smartsheet Dependencies

Lesson: Smartsheet Dependencies

Task Hierarchies, Dependencies and Predecessors: Understanding dependencies is key to making Smartsheet work for you.

Smartsheet uses Hierarchies- Parent and Child relationships. Hierarchies create business intelligence and make it easier to query the data. Relationships in Smartsheet can be based on Time Intelligence, Structure (Task and Subtask), People and Resources.

Smartsheet Forms: Where’s Darth Blader?

Where's Darth Blader

January 2022, Michigan’s Department of Transportation purchased 300 new snowplows and named them puny names.

Where’s Darth Blader? Smartsheet uses Forms to capture all of the required data on the equipment purchased, the cost, condition and maintenance for Michigan’s new plows.

Lesson Demo: Forms Gather Data

Lesson: Smartsheet Forms

A Form can make data entry quick, efficient and accurate. Form Fields can also prompt the user to complete all of the required information.

Learn how to select the right Columns and Data Types for the Form. Forms can be customized with a logo and brand image.

Smartsheet Reports: Who Pays for This?

Who Pays for This? There are miles of federal, state, and local roads, bridges and infrastructure.

Smartsheet Reports combine data columns from different sheets to document project data. Reports have options to Filter, Groups and Summarize the data.

Lesson Demo: Smartsheet Reports

Lesson: Smartsheet Reports

Projects have to be completed when the money is available. This requires careful planning so that work can start as soon as possible after receiving the funding, buying materials and arranging labor.

We can use Smartsheet reports to document the projects, people, funding, and equipment.

Smartsheet Certification Training

Our Smartsheet training demonstrates all of the exam topics in the
Smartsheet Product Certification 2022 exam