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Date and TEXT

DATE and TEXT are what Excel does best. This lesson teaches options to find the Day, Month and Year from a Date. We use Dates to run a business. The TEXT functions can combine (CONCATENATE) cells together, say first name and last name. Other Text functions can trim (select) just a few characters.

The If Logical Formula

A Logical formula makes sense. There are only two answers: True/False, Yes/No. It begins with a Logical Test. This lesson uses the Logical IF Formula to get data based on our criteria.

Skills Taught

Intermediate Excel Objectives
Logical and Statistical Formulas, CONCATENATE (combine) data with a formula, Modify and format TEXT with formulas, Use DATE and TIME formulas, Use FINANCIAL formulas to calculate a car payment.

Excel: Text Functions

This Live Lecture was recorded at Charter College, July 17, 2023.

Excel: The IF Logical Formula

This Live Lecture was recorded at Charter College, July 29, 2023.

Excel: Relative and Absolute Cell References

Legs, Eggs and Pigs- a business spreadsheet