Student Banner Ads

The High School Summer Challenge

Each student created their own version of the ad. Usually we recorded several versions of the script using different voices. Some students wrote the dialogue. Other students designed original artwork or produced the music. 

We showed our animations to friends, parents, and teachers at the end of the summer. These animations are available on our website, and of course the students could add them to their portfolios.

Editing a banner ad in Adobe Flash

2008 The First Banner Ad- Mozzie’s Pizza Paradise

“Your pizza’s good. But ours is all over your face! It’s just too good. “

2009 Banner Ad- Choco-Lot

“You can’t have too much… Choco-Lot!”

2014 Banner Ad Dargon Corp

“Everybody loves dragons! Over 9,000 dragons available…”

2015 Banner Ad Valkyrie SDC 500 Self Driving Car

“It’s takes you there…”

2019 Banner Ad Tempus Time

Travel to the past, the present and the future, Tempus Time Machine…”