Microsoft Access

Using actual, real-world data, this course teaches concepts from the Excel 2019 MO 200 and Excel MO 201
MOS Certification Exams

Microsoft Access: A Relational Database
Action Queries can change the data in the Tables. For example, we created an Update Query to find any movie released before the year 2000 and set the rental price (RentalPriceID). The other Action Queries are Append (add Records), Delete (subtract Records), and Make Table (Copy Records into a new Table.)

Lesson Demo: Access Action Queries

Lesson: Strategies for Archiving

  • Append new Records to an existing Table.
  • Create an Action Query to Update the data for selected Records in a Table.
  • Use an Action Query to Make a new Table and copy selected Records to that new Table.
  • Create a Delete Query and practice with a copy of an existing Table.

Video- Access Action Queries and Strategies for Archiving

Lesson Pages- Action Queries and Strategies for Archiving