If Not Now, When?

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Smartsheet Working with Financial Functions: More advanced formulas include TEXT formulas, Statistical Formulas (SUMIF and COUNTIF), and Dropdown lists to Sort, Filter, and manage data.

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When

Working with Financial Functions Michigan has 11,173 bridges. 60% of these bridges are rated as Fair or Poor
and need maintenance. How many bridges could be repaired, today? 

We can use Smartsheet to organize the bridge projects by type of work and location. We can also create schedules based on the fiscal year the monies will be available.

Training Designed for You: Data technicians, data analysts, administrative professionals, project managers, and management staff who need a tool for taking charge of scheduling people and assignments, managing costs and materials, and monitoring checkpoints and deadlines

Smartsheet- Manage People, Projects and Resources

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Quick, Effective Certification Training: This course prepares students for Smartsheet Product Certification: 33057-product-certification-badge-datasheet.pdf (smartsheet.com)