Smartsheet Certification

What is Proficiency in Smartsheet?

Data, Data, Data! Using Data to Drive Informed Decisions
Task Hierarchies, Dependencies and Predecessors: Understanding dependencies is key to making Smartsheet work for you. Dependencies are used in Time Intelligence and calculations.

Being proficient means knowing how to complete the task quickly and effectively.

Keep going with Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project and data management tool that is gaining popularity.  Its web based, links with other sources, and is approved for government work.

What Do I Need to Know?

Training Designed for You: Data technicians, data analysts, administrative professionals, project managers, and management staff who need a tool for taking charge of scheduling people and assignments, managing costs and materials, and monitoring checkpoints and deadlines

Smartsheet- Manage People, Projects and Resources

Smartsheet- And McLaren

“When every millisecond counts, you find the most efficient way to do everything.”

End to End Management

Skills Validated in Our Smartsheet Training

Quick, Effective Certification Training: This course prepares students for Smartsheet Product Certification: 33057-product-certification-badge-datasheet.pdf (