Microsoft Outlook Certification

Being proficient means knowing how to complete the task quickly and effectively.

Keep going with Microsoft Outlook.
Outlook is a database.

Outlook Contacts can be used with many programs including Intuit QuickBooks, Smartsheet and more.

What is Proficiency in Outlook?

The Microsoft Office Specialist certification uses computer exams to measure whether you mastered the specific skill sets in the Microsoft Office Specialist Program: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and SharePoint.

You can choose which exam(s) to take according to which skills you want to validate. The Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams ask you to demonstrate that you can find, format and update the tools in Microsoft Office. The certification exams are project based, not multiple guess. You need to edit a document or create a formula.

What Do I Need to Know?

The CORE exams cover 80% of the options
Someone preparing for these tests should learn beginning and intermediate steps.

The Expert tasks in every project require using the options in the right order. The example is the Mail Merge in Microsoft Word. The Mailing Ribbon and the Mail Merge Wizard are both designed to guide the user through a sequence of steps successfully.

Each expert certification exam is looking for skill and efficiency with these automation tools.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 Certification
Associate Certification: Pass any 3 tests:
Word Associate: Exam MO-100
Excel® Associate: Exam MO-200
PowerPoint® Associate: MO-300
Outlook® Associate: Exam 77-400

Expert Certification: Pass any 2 tests:
Access Expert: Exam MO-500
Word Expert: ExamMO-101
Excel Expert: Exam MO-101
Microsoft Office 2016 Certification
Core Certification: Pass any 1 test:
Word 2016 Core: Exam 77-725
Excel® 2016 Core: Exam 77-727
PowerPoint® 2016: Exam 77-729
Access® 2016: Exam 77-730
Outlook® 2016: Exam 77-731

Expert Certification: Pass either test:
Word 2016 Expert: Exam 77-726
Excel 2016 Expert: Exam 77-728
Master Certification Requirements:
Pass required and elective tests:
Word 2010 Expert: Exam 77-887
Excel® 2010 Expert: Exam 77-888
PowerPoint® 2010: Exam 77-883
Access® 2010: Exam 77-885 or
Outlook® 2010: Exam 77-884