Certification: Costs?

For me, the answer might be how much does it pay?

I am the curriculum and business developer for a Michigan Community College. Here is a summary of the research that I submitted to our Vice President of workforce development. The links are to the original source material on Burning Glass

Value to Job Seekers

Middle –Skill Jobs pay a living wage without a bachelor’s degree

78% of Middle –Skill jobs require digital skills
Specifically Microsoft Excel [1]

Middle-skill jobs, defined as those that typically require less than a bachelor’s degree while paying a living wage, ² comprise 46% of overall labor demand. Amidst changing technology and job responsibilities, the demand for digital skills continues to expand across the labor market and into new jobs. Workers seeking to stay ahead of job market changes will need to acquire appropriate digital skills for career advancement.

Productivity Software Is a Baseline Requirement

Productivity software is a basic requirement across the market. Eight in 10 (78%) of middle-skill jobs demand facility with productivity software, and these digital jobs pay a premium over non-digital middle-skill roles.

Additionally, productivity software is necessary for upward movement. Managerial roles across career areas, not only in offices but also in manufacturing and retail, rely heavily on word processing and spreadsheets.

More than 8 in 10 middle-skill jobs (82%) require digital skills, a 4% increase since 2015: Spreadsheets and word processing remain the baseline for digital skills, with 78% of middle-skill jobs calling for these at a minimum.

Good question.


Digital Skills Gap: Middle-Skill Jobs, Digital Literacy, and Future of Work