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What is a good book to learn PowerPoint?

Hello, PowerPoint! This book on PowerPoint goes beyond the basics and teaches how to use PowerPoint with Tables, Excel spreadsheets, Charts, Animation, Media, and Videos. There is also a lesson on how to use the Presenter Tools to deliver professional presentations.

Here is a link to the Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Books at Amazon:

And here is a link to good Microsoft PowerPoint Certification course online:

If you wish to prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 77-422: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, this course will help you build the skills and knowledge you need.

  • Step-by-step video demonstrations.
  • Companion eBooks with 550 pages of detailed instructions.
  • Sample presentations and images.
  • Practice, Quizzes and Skill Test.

The following resources are available to download throughout the lessons:

  • Beginning and Advanced Guides to Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013. (PDF)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginning and Advanced Sample files.

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