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Do You Want This Job?

Elevator Attendant

The position for curriculum designer required a Masters or PhD with deep knowledge in Machine Vision and Ai to ride around an autonomous vehicle teaching men and women to be “Elevator Attendants.”

Which job is worse: the trainer that rides around backwards all day, or the guy who gets to be the “attendant” in a self driving golf cart? Is this the best we can do in Detroit today: create jobs that were boring a hundred years ago?

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Picnic Time for Teddy Bears

The Teddy Bears Picnic is a demonstration project that we use in our Microsoft PowerPoint certification training. This is the first time that I completed the project with all of the animations and sound: PowerPoint to the Max! Enjoy! Elizabeth

Teddy Bears’ Picnic” is a song by American composer John Walter Bratton, written in 1907, and lyrics added by Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy in 1932. It remains popular as a children’s song, having been recorded by numerous artists over the decades.

From Wikipedia:…

Music by Henry Hall

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Screen Time: Is There Ever Too Much?

“You don’t even have to paint the walls! Just get a bigger monitor.”

For Developers, Educators and Writers: The articles on screen time need to separate constructive vs destructive use of screens. Are these screens building someone up ? OK, I’m good with that. Everybody wins.

For me, the Computer Mama, teaching someone a skill is the best use of my time, talent and energy. That takes about four screens, 60-70 hours a week, to manage an online business, not counting the stupid phone.

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Hello, WRLD!

WRLD Places Designer: According to legend, "Hello, World!" was the first greeting displayed on a computer screen.

According to legend, “Hello, World!” was the first greeting displayed on a computer screen.

WRLD is a 3D Mapping program that allows developers to design and integrate feature-rich, dynamic maps for indoor and outdoor use. The applications of such mapping include real-time monitoring, navigation, and positioning.

Mapping, such as with WRLD has uses in the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, VR/ AR, and Connected Lifestyles. It can also be used for service, commerce, and advertising.

Coming soon to Washtenaw Community College: UNITY Maps and Apps.

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Don Burnett, Microsoft MVP

“It’s All Good!”

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Don Burnett, Microsoft MVP. Don Burnet enjoyed designing lessons for our Connected Car Advanced Transportation courses.  He shared his knowledge generously with both hands.

The list of programs and architecture that Don mastered in his 20+ years experience is dazzling. I added up all of the lessons I would have to take to learn and calculated that I would need two or three lifetimes to catch up with Don Burnett!

Thank you, Don Burnett!

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