Your Computer’s Make and Model

I get requests to trouble-shoot MSWord from time to time. I’m always happy to help, but first we have to be on the same page. Preferably the same page in the same book…

So I ask what version of MSWord you are running. With the release of Word2007, it is imperative to know the version. Commands and instructions that are good for Word2007 are meaningless for Word2003, as well as other issues. No big deal– I have both versions. I just need to know whether to give instruction set A or instruction set B.

You answer: “Vista.”

Vista is a version of Windows.

Windows Vista runs your computer. Microsoft Word is what you type your document into. One’s a plant and one’s an animal. You wouldn’t ride a tulip into town any more than you’d type a document with just Windows.

Your operating system maybe Windows. It will usualy say which version it is while booting, but you can also go to My Computer, right click and select Properties from the Menu. Hey, looky there, it tells you what version operating system you are running. And other neat details.

Okay, so, we still need to figure out what version of Word you have.
Method #1, find the Icon. Whatever you double-click to open the program. Does it say… Microsoft Word 2003?

Method #2: Open Word. Go to Help… About Microsoft Word. The top line will tell you what version you are running. My desktop has Word 2003.

So… what version of Word are you running? What operating system do you have? If you’re going to get the right help, you need to ask for the right information. Luckily, the computer knows what it’s using, and is happy to tell you.