Manage Outlook Meeting Requests

Is It Possible to Schedule Meeting Invitations in Microsoft Office?

Yes, you can schedule when an Appointment and it’s Meeting Request are emailed. Meetings and messages go together like donuts and coffee. If you want someone to attend a meeting, then you need to invite them….if that doesn’t work, offer them ice cream.

In this lesson ) and the Attendees are the ones who respond to the Meeting Request.

The Calendar is open in Microsoft Outlook.

Try it: Create a New Appointment
Go to Home ->New-> New Appointment.
Enter the Subject: Team Meeting
Select the Start Time: 11:00 AM
Select the End Time: 1:00 PM
Type the Location: The Yum Yum Tree, Brighton

Go to Appointment->Options.
Show As: Out of the Office.

Try This, Too: Add a Hyperlink to the Meeting
Type the following, please.
Here is a link: .

Use the Forward Option to Create an Email Invitation
Try This: Forward this Appointment

Go to Meeting->Actions->Forward.

What Do You See?
The email Header will open at the top of this appointment. You can add the Meeting Attendees, now.

What Else Do You See? All of the Email Options are now available.
So, you can choose to Delay Sending this email.

Try This: Delay the Delivery
Go to Meeting->Options->More Options.
Click on Delay Delivery.

Try This: Delay the Delivery
OK, here are the options that you can edit: When it is delivered, what email should be used for replies, and when the email will self-delete.

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