Mac or PC?

I always thought those Mac and PC commercials, with the middle-aged boring guy as the PC and the young hip guy as the Mac, were pretty cute. Somewhat skewed, but so are all commercials.

Personally, I think whether a person picks a Mac or PC is kind of like picking your type of undergarment. It doesn’t matter to most anyone else, but you sure better be comfortable with the choice.

I’m a PC. (No, I’m not going to tell you my underwear choice!) My biggest factor is price, and PCs tend to meet that need far better than Macs. I don’t need processor power for much more than handing a large (very large!) MSWord document or maybe streaming a video. My current desktop computer is the Holiday Inn Express of computers– it’s not fancy, but it does the job rather well.

I’ve used Macs. The skies didn’t open up for me. (In fact, I got tend to get frustrated because all the commands I’m used to are missing or moved. That problem is compounded because when I’m on a Mac, it’s usually to troubleshoot an ill-intentioned device.) But I have nothing against the little cuties. 😉

Some users have less trouble on Macs– particularly with viruses. Fair enough. But the only virus I’ve gotten in the last ten years was from my stupid pirate brothers downloading a game crack that was infect. That reminds me– I still haven’t thanked them for that… To me, all computers are comparable. It’s the user that is the biggest equation. What do YOU want from your computer.

I have more time than money, so I’ll buy the cheap machine (or cobble parts from friends and family to make a Frankenputer ). Then I’ll use my time to learn how to make sure it obeys. The occasional sacrifice of a goat or small animal to the computer gods doesn’t hurt.