Windows Really Good Edition

New version of Windows? Nah. Just a good joke.

Now, I admit, my favorite jokes are the ones that go after the things I am most familiar with. And this one does a pretty good job poking fun at problems in Windows.

When you click the link here for Windows Really Good Edition, it’ll take you to another site. NOTE: Once you launch the Flash video, it may be full screen. If it “takes over” but you can hit alt+F4 to end the video and get back to normal. Deep breath.

And if you play with this, really, you’ve got to explore all the nooks and crannies. Like opening “Word” and “Go Online.” The error messages are amusing (and yes, it starts with a whole slew of them. 😉

I like the option of selecting “Crash” from the Start Menu. Have fun. Have a little giggle. It’s Friday!