My Town Monday: Grand River Corn Maze

Being that the western part of the county is still largely rural, it’s not surprising that there are a couple corn mazes in the area.

Hubby and I have been going to the Grand River Corn Maze for several years now. Each year they have a different pattern. And for the last couple years, the Grand River Corn Maze has also included the Slaughterhouse Haunted Corn Maze. There was a haunted house, but it was shut down this year (amongst rumors of tension between the powers that be and the family that built it.)

Last year’s theme was the Olympics. There are signs in the maze– I’m not sure, but I think that if you’re still finding signs than it’s a clue that you’re on the right path. The maze is always quite tall, and there are two patches of trees. (We used to think there was only one patch of trees… that was a problem.)

We usually make pretty good time in the maze. My family happens to be born with a pretty good sense of direction. Combine that with good observational skills, and we’re usually out of the maze in a half-hour. Hubby has no sense of direction… I worry sometimes that he won’t be able to find his way home. He’s one of those folks who couldn’t find his way out of a paperbag with a map, a flashlight, AND a pair of scissors. But he has other redeeming qualities that some day I’m sure I’ll find. 😉

Hubby and I go to the corn maze during the day time. Preferably during the day on a Saturday when there’s less people. I don’t do the whole ‘wandering around in the dark’ thing. Flash light or no. I still sleep with a nightlight because of my overactive imagination. (Good for writing, not good for trying to fall asleep when it looks like the shadows are moving…)

Needless to say, we do NOT go to the haunted corn maze. Nope. Not happening.

Once, when I was young, foolish, and brand-newly wed, Hubby and I went to a haunted house. I’d never been in one, having been to few carnivals in my younger days. So, we spotted one on Tourist Trap Clifton Hill at Niagara Falls on our honeymoon. Hubby suggested we go in and I (foolishly) agree. Then, Hubby, being the sweetheart that he is insists that I go first since my eyesight is better.

Overactive imagination. Tension from the knowledge that something is going to jump out of me. I should have left Hubby in the haunted house. No one would notice one more “dead body.” I still don’t let Hubby forget that one. No haunted places. No things jumping out at me. At least when it’s one of my brother’s I can punch them for scaring me.

But the corn maze is fun. In the daytime.