My Town Monday: Dairy Queen

Posted: 23 Aug 2009 05:12 PM PDT

There are four Dairy Queen locations in Livingston County.

I grew up about 5 minutes from the one in Hamburg. Unfortunately, since it was on a busy road and this was in the days before the Lakeland trail, so I wasn’t allowed to walk or bike there. Curses. This location has always been a Brazier, meaning they sell burgers, chicken, and other things along with their ice cream. (Well, one of my friends maintains that that it’s not “ice cream,” it’s “soft serve.” Anyway.)

In downtown Brighton, there’s a Dairy Queen near the Mill Pond. When they put in the Tridge and the walkway along the edge of the Mill Pond, they wisely connected the Dairy Queen to the path. This seriously cut down on young folks hopping the cemetery fence to reach the sweet treats. This Dairy Queen has room for about 10 cars in it’s parking lot and a drive-through with room for about half that before it starts backing up on Grand River. In the summer, it’s best to park by the Mill Pond and walk. And it’ll burn off those Blizzard calories.

Hartland has a DQ as well, on the main drag. This is the only local DQ that I have not been to.
Hartland’s kind of off on it’s own, but that’s a separate post.

But, overall, the best Dairy Queen ever is the Howell location. This Dairy Queen is located in an old building on the corner, beside the county Courthouse. The building was constructed in 1889 and may have been a druggists shop. Then later it was a jewelers. Then a druggist again. Then a shoe shop. Some where along the way, it became a Dairy Queen.

Inside is small with just a couple tables. And sitting there, you look out on the lovely streetscape of a historic town. Across the street was Howell’s hotel.

As I mentioned last week, the county Courthouse lawn is often home to concerts and other events. Howell’s farmer’s market is nearby. It’s right in the downtown, where the shops, the Howell movie theatre, the opera house, and only a few blocks from the library. It’s a popular place.

<< Howell Hotel

But my favorite part is the architecture. In fact, I love the architecture in down town Howell. I mean, look at the sloping ground… I love how the building kind of shifts at ground level to step down the hill! They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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