Word… to Go

I got a new phone this week. My graduation present for completing my graduate certificate. Decided to get a fancy one. Or rather, I fell in love with the idea of having Microsoft Word with me at all times. Everything else was secondary.

After all, my last cell phone is six years old.

I’ve never really been interested in the newest or fanciest gadgets. Even the iPhone didn’t impress me. Now, if someone had told me that I could have my MSWord with me at all times, that gets my attention.

I purchased the LG Incite. It runs Windows Mobile 6, with Mobile Word, Excel, OneNote, and a PowerPoint Viewer. It also has GPS and internet, but those require the data plan that I’m too cheap to buy. While there’s some coolness factor in looking up things online wherever and whenever (esp. to prove to Hubby that I am, indeed correct), it’s not cool enough for me to spend much money on. Esp. not $20 or $30 a month of what is, for the cell company, pure profit.

The phone has a camera and a full touch screen interface. It charges off USB and (eventually) AutoSyncs with my Limited User Windows XP Account. And in the first 12 hours, I had my phone crash. It mysteriously shut off and required a soft reset to even turn on. Weird. But then again, my old phone had a habit of randomly taking a vacation day. I’d go all day then go to check my missed calls and see that, oh, it was… off. Besides, it’s an electronic device. They require regular appeasement of the technology gods– along with a healthy dose of know-how.

So far, I love my phone and the possibilities. As a writer, the idea of always being able to write, no matter where I am, are just lovely. While I always carry a pen, I don’t always ever carry a purse. And finding places to write in a manner that’s legible compounds the problem. We won’t talk about how my handwriting, which wasn’t great to begin with, has degraded the more I just type things on the computer.

Oh– the other reason I like the Incite better than the iPhone? I’m a PC. 😉 Not a Mac.