My Town Monday: Invasion

The Soviets came to my little town. In fact, they were just around the corner. More or less. Near Mt. Brighton (which I can see out my bedroom window), a scene for the upcoming remake of Red Dawn was filmed. It included scorching a stand of trees along the front of the parking lot.

There’s still evidence of the charred trees last time I drove by Mt. Brighton. Most of it had been bulldozed into a pile for clean up.

There have been quite a few movies and scenes that are being filmed in Michigan, part of the tax breaks for filmmakers. The idea is that it will bring business and dollars to Michigan to be spent, thus helping our staggering economy. (Except the economy isn’t staggering. It’s comatose.)

This is actually the second movie that was right near me… and I didn’t find out until after the fact. (What’s that saying– if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all?) The other movie was some small film that included a high school. It was filmed last summer at the local high school– where I was teaching summer school. One of the teacher’s took her class down to spy on the filming at the lake behind the school. Or so I heard the next day when the crew was gone.

Aside from meeting Barrie Summy last week, this is as close to fame as I tend to get. 😉

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