My Town Monday: Livingston County v. Ann Arbor

The little country mouse left her country home and ventured into the city this weekend. I went to see Barrie Summy at Aunt Agatha’s bookstore in Ann Arbor. Meeting and chatting with Barrie and the others was great. Driving into Ann Arbor, not so much.

See, where I come from, the tallest building is 3 stories high. And that’s only in the one or two blocks of the downtown in Howell and Fowlerville. Most of the rest of the buildings are single or maybe two stories tall. No towers blocking out the sunlight.

Where I come from, we have spaces between most buildings. Occasionally there’s a stretch or a strip mall where buildings are pressed up against each other. But usually, there’s a space, a parking lot, or even grass. Not masses of buildings all squished together, block after block.

Where I come from, nearly every establishment has a parking lot. And they’re free. Not so in a city like Ann Arbor. I only park in parking structures. And the parking structures in Ann Arbor are taller than our tallest building in Livingston County. Though, I did, for the first time in my life get my parking validated. The country mouse can learn new tricks.

Sadly, where I come from, we don’t have very many bookstores. And we certainly don’t have a bookstore as awesome as Aunt Agatha’s with it’s overwhelming collection of used and new mystery, detective, and crime books. Yes, I was drooling.

Where I come from, there’s less traffic, less people, and fewer businesses to overwhelm the senses of a simple country mouse. As much as I enjoyed my visit to Aunt Agatha’s for Barrie’s signing, I was SO glad to get out of the city and back where I belong. Now, if only Aunt Agatha’s wasn’t in Ann Arbor…

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