Thoughts on Thursday

I use lots of pictures to illustrate over 2,000 pages of computer training. I had an opportunity to drive around My Town on a beautiful afternoon.

O my poor Michigan. The Depression began here in 2001. This album is named after a song by Jethro Tull: It was a new day yesterday, but by God, it’s an old day now.A few years ago, this little community was alive and well. Plainfield, Michigan is a farming community with good people, good weather, and good services. Where did the town people go?

This was a rich man’s farm house in Byron, Michigan. Now the trees grow through the front porch.
Look at the details around the window and roof. This is still excellent farm land. Why did the farm fail?
Where did the farmers go?

Durand, Michigan hosted the Union Rail Road Station. Four or five roads lead from town to the depot and the warehouses. This was the place to get a job if you didn’t work on the farm. Where did the trains go?

This is the train named, “Last Call.”
Seems to fit: a big, powerful piece of hardware standing quietly forgotten in a little fenced yard.